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This week’s topic is on Walking

Walking is an excellent form of exercise. 

There are a number of reasons why Papua New Guineans should embrace walking as part of their exercise routine.

  • Walking is FREE …and FUN when done with your friends/family.
  • Walking is an excellent cardio exercise which is beneficial for our cardiovascular health – meaning it’s good for the heart and helps with its functions.
  • Walking regularly reduces symptoms of depression and helps with lifting your mood and energy levels.
  • Walking helps with controlling your weight and can even assist in weight-loss if this is your goal.
  • Walking helps prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Walking improves flexibility and strength in our joints and muscles
  • Walking regularly is also helpful for people living with arthritis. Slower pace walking can minimise the stress on your knees, ankles, hips and lower back.
  • Walking is also perfect for burning fat stored in our body. In order to burn fat instead of only the sugars stored as glucose in our body, it is recommended that adults brisk walk at least 30 minutes (to 45 minutes) every day. 

What is Brisk Walking? 

Brisk walking is described as doing a moderate intensity of walking. Imagine if you are running late for an important meeting or wanting to catch the bus. The pace you are doing is faster than your normal walking pace. You are able to hold a conversation in this pace but not necessarily able to sing.

Another measure of brisk walking is by doing 100 steps per minute per individual. 

Now that you know what brisk walking is and the health benefits tied to walking, you can wear your comfortable walking shoes and clothing and enjoy your morning or afternoon walk depending on what suits you the most. 

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