Motiv8 Monday: Lockdown – Time for Family, Time for Yourself!

By Arthur C Tane


We are all in Lockdown!

Business is slowing down because of the government’s controlled self-isolation measures, spending demands change, therefore, it will immediately affect all business – from the stock market to the mother selling their fresh produce at the local markets.  They have to readjust, take a hit to the bottom line, and most are. 

Corona Virus as it was first called, also known as Covid-19. It is a global pandemic that has closed down the whole world. Now this is unprecedented, the world wars, although they were called world wars, did not technically affect the whole world, unlike Covid-19. I guess because the world is more connected than ever before.

The ever-pressing, pressure cooker of meeting monthly sales targets – needs re-forecast. And the incredible thing I am witnessing now is that shareholders, business owners have put their health, that of their families and their employees and their families FIRST.

There is a unanimous chorus from employers stating “the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families are more important right now.”

Even die-hard sales professionals who are fantastic at what they do, are having to rethink, re-evaluate priorities – no longer pursuant of the corporate targets, but to pursue one’s health and wellbeing firstly, then that of their immediate family and those that come under their care.

It’s taken the Corona Virus pandemic to break through to both corporate and personal ambition to put one’s health and well-being and that of their families FIRST!

Motivational Coaches, Well-Being organisation and Life Coaches have been singing this for decades. Corporate bodies, individuals must take care of people first, health and well-being are important, slow down, step back from the grind and make sure you are ok, your families are okay. Simple self-help things that don’t cost much, make sure you are eating healthy food, practicing good hygiene consistently, and spend time with your family – after all, isn’t it them that you’re working for?

There is a bible text that always reminds me to set my priorities right every day:

“What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?”

If I can describe this in a context of corporate life, one can work so hard, 12 to 18 hour days to meet your KPI’s, sales targets, shareholder demands, forsaking eating a balanced healthy meal, resting, spending genuine time with family, as a result, become seriously ill, and heaven forbid even end up dying, then the efforts are all in vain.

Your employer will pass their condolences to your loved ones left behind and they will recruit someone else to replace you and life goes on. The person that is most at loss is the very family your set out your career to work so hard for, yet that career ended up taking away the most valuable resource that we all have equally…


Take the next 7 days of Covid-19 Lockdown to re-adjust, re-evaluate your priorities, continue to deliver whilst working from home, but this time, have some quality time with your spouse, your children if you have any.

The next phone call that comes whilst you are with your family, muster the courage to say NO! Respectfully and explain – I have another prior engagement, I will do it tomorrow! That prior engagement is your family.

Thank you Covid-19 for making the world human again!

Ps. I took two hours off today just to watch and enjoy this beautiful sunset and then took a walk with my two sons ages 19 and 15 and we had a great bonding time.

Until next time – stay motivated!

Arthur C Tane

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