The Super Awesome and Incredible Benefits of Ocean Blue Omega 3 and 6 packed Sardines

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As a specialist medical doctor working in PNG,

I come in contact with lot’s of children in the hospitals, schools and sports fields. Children are our country’s future and their education is the key for their future prosperity. For children to develop and grow properly, there are some vital and important things they need in their lives.

Apart from a safe caring environment, healthy food is one of the other vital components for a child to grow up to be healthy, strong and smart. 

The brain is mostly made up of fatty tissue. A child’s brain continues to grow and develop until the age of 18-22 years. Brain development and growth depends on the type of nutrients a child consumes.

Omega 3 and 6 are well known building blocks for brain and nerve development. 

Sardines is one of the top sea foods as it contains many essential nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 which a growing child needs for his brain and nerve development. Omega 3 and 6 can only be obtained into the body from eating certain foods.

Apart from Omega 3 and 6, sardines also contain other essential vitamins and minerals which helps fuel the body and protect it as well. 

Ocean Blue Sardines is one such food which I would strongly recommend as it is packed with so many nutrients that a growing child needs.

Eating Ocean Blue Sardines is one of the best ways to get all these useful and essential nutrients which a growing child needs as it can help them to develop their growing brains to become smarter, stronger healthier and happier individuals.

So consider Ocean Blue Sardines as an option for a brighter future for your children.

Dr John Tsiperau, PNG Specialist Medical Doctor

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