Kokopo District Educating Communities on Food Security

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When it comes to food security and nutrition, Papua New Guinea’s agriculture sector has special importance.

It continues to be the main source of food, employment and income for over 85 percent of the population, who mainly live in rural areas. Agricultural growth remains one of the best ways to generate income for the rural population with an access to an abundance of organic foods.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in agriculture is now critically important to build food security, improve nutrition and promote good health. The Kokopo District Office is closely working with its farmers and the communities to return to the land and introduce integrated farming methods.

PNG Stories VIDEO: John Talele, Kokopo District Administrator on Food Security in his District:

The successful implementation of this program will contribute towards improving the lives of the majority of the people, enhancing their productivity and participation in the sustainable development of their province through growing agriculture for food security, good nutrition and health.

positive papua new guinea stories
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