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Who needs an alarm clock when it’s your passion that wakes you up every morning and drives you to keep going in life!

This young female entrepreneur from Yangoru in the East Sepik province is a classic example of a driven, dedicated and passionate PNG woman.

Having lived in China for eight years has tremendously changed her perspective and given her a new outlook on life. Impressively, she can read, write and speak in Chinese and on top of that, launched her first international cosmetic brand during her third year of studies whilst abroad.

Growing up in Port Moresby, this vibrant young woman recalls enjoying the weekends hanging out and playing with her friends. She attended Waigani Primary School before going on to high school at Gordons Secondary School. A proud ‘Kokofarian’ she claims.

After graduating high school, she was offered a place at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) to study Bachelor of Law. Whilst in her first semester at UPNG, the Chinese Government School Scholarship Program was introduced which drew her interest to study overseas. She took the opportunity, applied and as a result, successfully attained the scholarship. Withdrawing from UPNG, she was now on her way to Wuhan, China to study the Mandarin Chinese language and do her Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Estelle Walters is the highlight of this WErise Feature and deservingly so. As we celebrate her thriving success and growth in her business ventures, we can be equally inspired by her relentless drive and passion to follow her dreams. Estelle is the Founder of Estars Cosmetics International, Bilas Cosmetics and Bilas Studio.

Estars Cosmetics International is a brand Estelle created when she was still in her third year of studies in China. Key markets she supplies to include Hong Kong, Nigeria, Malaysia, Ghana and China. Initially launching with a range of mink eyelashes, Estars Cosmetics International then expanded to lipsticks and grew quickly to include eyeshadow palettes in their offerings.

Bilas Cosmetics is a range of makeup and beauty products which Estelle created in 2019 specifically for the PNG market because she wanted a brand that PNG Women can relate to. These beauty products are being sold in all Glow Boutique outlets in Port Moresby. Bilas Cosmetics are currently in the process of expanding their product lines and have plans to retail all over Papua New Guinea in the near future. There are two new brands that will be launched in 2021 and Estelle is very excited and looking forward towards this new milestone.  

Bilas Studio, which was opened for business this year in May is located in Waigani Port Moresby. It is a Hair & Beauty studio that provides various hair services such as braiding, perms, hair relax, barber services and makeup applications.

“We haven’t fully and truly tapped into the beauty and makeup industry yet. Although I feel that there’s still so much to learn and explore, I just love how PNG women are so much more confident and daring with their sense of style, fashion and their confidence to express themselves more than ever before.”

Estelle has always admired PNG women entrepreneurs who have gone ahead of her. Women like the Late Janet Sape, and entrepreneurs Vani Nades and Annette Sete. She hopes to one day meet the latter two, so if Ms Nades and Ms Sete are reading this right now, do know that you have inspired a young PNG Woman Entrepreneur.

When Estelle isn’t too busy at work managing her businesses, she loves to indulge in a good book and as she also loves to sing, Estelle secretly hopes to release a song cover or an album someday. (Not a secret anymore now, Missy Estelle! We will be keeping a close eye on that music launch).

For anyone who is interested to know more about the basics of Makeup, Estelle runs her weekly Makeup Tutorials so feel free to contact Bilas Studio to book your spot.

Estelle is another fine example of an inspiring Papua New Guinean woman who is not afraid at breaking boundaries and setting new trends and standards; a true Trailblazer creating new markets and forging her own path in the Makeup and Beauty Industry.

These are her words of encouragement as you journey through life to follow your dreams and passions.

“Believe and believe in yourself. Even when you’re standing alone, keep pushing and always keep your eyes on the goal, on the ‘why’ you started. Don’t stop until you achieve your goal.”

Estelle Walters

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