Hilton’s Mumu Bar and Grill ready to serve you up a feast


Mumu is not only PNG’s popular traditional dish, it encompasses festivity, family, gathering, food and culture.

The Hilton Port Moresby’s Mumu Bar and Grill wholeheartedly embodies all these attributes with a contemporary twist, ensuring every guest experiences not only the atmosphere, but authentic PNG local ingredients wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an actual mumu pit whilst pushing the boundaries on local cuisines and dishes with mouthwatering fusions that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

A serving of pickled pitpit, oven dried tomatoes, shaved cucumber and artichoke hearts or Boroma “pork” knuckle brawn, pickles and green flat bread are perfect appetizers, is just a taste of a culinary experience that definitely shines a new light on PNG’s local dishes and ingredients, and leaves you wanting to go back for more.

PNGBUZZ Highly recommends you try the Mumu Bar and Grill today, you won’t be disappointed.

Open from 6pm-10pm every Wednesday to Saturday, contact the Hilton Port Moresby to make your reservations at the Mumu Bar and Grill, or visit their Facebook page for more info.

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