NA party joins Marape-Steven Government


The National Alliance Party today announced in the presence of Prime Minister James Marape and accompanying Ministers that the party has made a decision to join the Marape-Steven government. 

NA leader Patrick Pruaitch made a statement citing their reasons for the move, including the consolidation of numbers and the need for appropriate strategies to support the government. 

UPDATE: In a statement released later in the day, PM Marape has accepted Pruaitch and his party members into government, saying that “they bring to us additional experience and firepower as we work to take back PNG from greed and corruption and ensure that we work together to make Papua New Guinea the richest black nation where no child is left behind.”

Marape further commended Pruaitch for putting aside personal interests and allowing the country’s interest to take precedence, and said “we look forward and embrace this political partnership for the betterment of our country going forward.

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