Melanesian Foundation donates soap, supports arts awareness in Madang


Ward 1 Councillor in Madang, Rodney Salen has thanked the Melanesian Foundation for donating soap to the community. The soap donated will be used to promote regular hand washing in the Bel Villages in Madang.

Speaking at the Madang Resort recently, Salen said “The soaps given to the villagers will assist to promote hand washing, a step towards the prevention of the corona virus (COVID-19).”

A bar of Klina soap for each household, the idea to promote hygiene and hand sanitising was the initiative of the Chairman of the Melanesian Foundation, Sir Peter Barter.

Sir Peter said that in order to promote the regular washing of hands, soaps need to be given out to people in the rural communities.

“We shouldn’t concentrate all our resources in the urban areas, the awareness and the right tools need to be given to the rural areas.”

Sir Peter also said “when an outbreak occurs here in Madang, the people in the rural communities will be largely affected.”

Supporting awareness through arts group

The Melanesian Foundation has also assisted the Madang Arts Maniacs (MAM), a local Multimedia group that has already created several awareness posters to prevent the COVID-19.

MAM’s Team Leader, Robert Banasi, said that his team, with the consent from the Madang Provincial Health Authority, have created COVID-19 Kits, “the Klina soaps will be a part of this material that we are creating.”

“Through the help of the Melanesian Foundation, we have created posters that tell people what to do to prevent the spread of the virus,” he said.

“What we have done with these kits, they will include a bar of soap plus an A4 flyer that will provide steps to proper hand washing,” said Robert.

The Melanesian Foundation has already purchased more than 80 cartons of Klina soaps.

Plans are underway to distribute these soaps to Krangket, Bilia, Riwo, Bilbil, Siar, Yabob and the Sepik Settlements.

“We might not be able to give them out to everyone, but at least a majority (or some) of these villagers and settlements get soap, then we can ensure that proper hand-washing practices are carried out in these areas,” said Sir Peter. 

“This is merely to start something, we need to immediately get going with the actions to prevent anyone from getting the virus.”

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