Manam community gather in Pom to find ways forward for resettlement


The Manam Island community in Port Moresby has taken initiative in finding a way forward for the still-dormant resettlement exercise so that the displaced Manam Islanders can finally be repatriated to Andarum, some 30km inland.

By formally setting up a committee which includes representation from the host Bogia communities, they aim to work closely with all concerned parties and key stakeholders which includes the Manam Restoration Authority (MRA), Madang Provincial Government, Bogia District Development Authority, Department of Provincial and Local Level Government and other national agencies.

The Committee is set up with the aim to contribute productive and proactive solutions to the resettlement exercise as well as bringing peace and harmony to all affected communities and families.

Years of administrative negligence has led to frustration and violence between the Bogia communities and Manam Islanders, a long overdue humanitarian crisis. With the current calls for eviction from local host communities supported by their local Bogia MP, both parties represented here from both the host and the repatriated communities want nothing more than a way forward.

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