BCFW driving positive change for PNG Women and Businesses


COVID-19 has left businesses around the world counting costs and wondering what recovery will look like. The greatest resource to any nation is its human resource. For any economy to be robust and sustainable, both women and men must participate fully in its labour market.

The Business Coalition for Women (BCFW), based in Port Moresby is a group of companies who are working together to drive positive change for women and businesses. Ensuring workplaces are safe and free from violence and that PNG businesses are supporting female staff who are survivors of gender-based violence. Gender Based Violence and Domestic and Sexual violence is now an everyday occurrence in the country. Organisations such as BCFW play an important part in the awareness, empowerment, safety and well-being for women, children and men.

BCFW is the first of its kind in PNG and a coalition that will play a vital role in PNG’s economic success, post COVID-19.

Societies with greater gender equality not only offer better socioeconomic opportunities for women, but also tend to grow faster and more equitably. There are gains in poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, consumer choice, innovation and decision-making on a wider range of issues.

Facts and Figures on Economic Empowerment by the UN Women have stated that: Companies greatly benefit from increasing employment and leadership opportunities for women, which is shown to increase organizational effectiveness and growth. It is estimated that companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational performance.

Women are the primary caretakers of children and elders in every country of the world. International studies demonstrate that when the economy and political organisation of a society change, women take the lead in helping the family adjust to new realities and challenges. Economic development and gender equality go hand-in-hand.

To find our more, visit the Business Coalition for Women website

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