Sumkar DDA Continues to Support Human Resource Development


The Sumkar District Development Authority (DDA) in Madang Province under the leadership of Chairman and Member for Sumkar and Correctional Service Minister, Hon Chris Nangoi MP will continue to support schools in terms of funding and ensure that Sumkar produces more educated women and men in the future.

While attending the 50 Years Golden Jubilee of Karkar Secondary School (formerly Karkar High School) on Saturday, local MP Nangoi made this known when he presented K50,000 to the school administration in appreciation for this milestone achievement.

“Human resource development is a key agenda for my administration and I will continue to support schools in Sumkar so that our district will produce more intellectuals who will become professionals in all fields in the future,” Nangoi said.

“Karkar High School is the first high school in Sumkar which has produced many leaders who are now serving the district, Madang province and some are serving the country in their respective capacities,” he said.

“I acknowledge the people of Mater and Keng villages for making the land available for this very important development back then not knowing that now after 50years we are proud that Karkar Secondary made it this far to produce elites, professors, doctors, pilots, engineers accounts and leaders of this nation both men and women,” Nangoi said.

“I am proud to be part of this very important occasion because I am a product of this school too.” he said.

Last week, Nangoi and the Sumkar DDA gave K100,000 for the high school’s new power generator and Nangoi said their next commitment would be to secure funding for the school’s new e-library.

Under Nangoi’s leadership as Sumkar MP, Karkar Secondary School has received a school truck in 2018 costing K140,000, K100,000 in 2019 as grant assistance for a new double classroom and now K100,000 for its new power Genset.

Nangoi urged teachers to perform their roles with due diligent and parents to also play your part towards the educational development of their children.

He also commended the Head Teacher Mrs. Annie Dorea for being a role model for girls attending Karkar High School adding that she is an example of women breaking barriers to be in higher positions in many fields of work.

Feature Pic: Hon Chris Nangoi MP with Karkar Secondary School students & representatives

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