PM Marape’s 45th Independence Message


In his independence message, Prime Minister, Hon. James Marape, MP continues to encourage a united Papua New Guinea to maintain as one people, and one country. Rallying our national conscience towards our shared individual responsibilities for a better PNG.

The PNG Government under the Pangu Pati banner continues its efforts in investing in agriculture and MSMEs to help grow the economy. Also highlighting todays youthful generation by being the best in what they do which is key to a great nation.

Prime Minister Marape emphasized for PNG to get to its destination as a well-developed nation, each of us must play a role. It is up to us individually to commit to building a Papua New Guinea that future generations will be proud of.

PMJM also acknowledged our forefathers for their sacrifices and the wisdom and the present day Papua New Guineans being the most advanced generation to utilize the tools available to us in encompassing a society that reflects the technology that it is blessed with.

Prime Minister Marape wishes all 21 provinces including the Autonomous Region of Bougainville a happy and safe 45th Independence.

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