Central Governor encourages NSLUP to be implemented from ground up


“90% of our people live in the rural areas and 97% of the land belongs to them. If we do not mobilize these two resources well, there is no way we can develop our provinces and develop our country.” Part of the speech given by Central Governor Hon. Robert Agarobe at the National Sustainable Land Use Policy (NSLUP) seminar at the gate way hotel as the guest speaker on Wednesday 4th November 2020.

Encouraging all provinces to adopt the National Sustainable Land Use Policy, given the diverse perspectives on land development is a near impossible feat, Mr Agarobe said PNG is a land of diversity, geographically, culturally and ethnically and land tenureship adds another dimension to this diversity.

The Central Governor believes that by devolving more powers, functional roles and responsibilities to the provinces or empowering the provinces is a way to go and the National Department of Lands should concentrate only on Regulatory as well as review Legislative and Policy aspects. A uniform sustainable land use policy formulation on paper may look good, but un-achievable in reality.

He further emphasized to develop land use plans at all the administrative levels; national, regional, provincial and local to promote social and economic development.

The nation as a whole must also have the human capacity in the maintenance of professional standards and we must also promote establishment of institutional structures on the ground to implement. And engage all stakeholders in ensuring the formulation of the PNG NSLUP as a way forward for sustainable land development for our social and economic prosperity.

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