Central New Ireland LLG pensioners receive payments


2,340 Old Age and Disabled pensioners from the Central New Ireland LLG received their K500 pensions this week after a special pension payout launching was held on Wednesday 4th November 2020.

The launching was held at Konos station in the presence of locals throughout the LLG.

CEO for Government Subsidy Mactil Bais conveyed that since the Old Age and Disabled pension policy was created in 2007, K47 million has been invested directly to the population. “In the Central LLG you will be receiving K1.1 million from this payout alone. Use this money wisely,” said CEO Mactil Bais.

Two elderly pensioners a male and a female were the first to receive their pensions. An emotional moment for them as they openly embraced and thanked Governor Sir Julius Chan for the policy.

A cheque of K 1.3 million was presented to the Central LLG for ward members under the New Ireland government’s ward level or community development program.

Another highlight of the day was the ground breaking of the site of the new Central LLG Assembly Chamber that will be built by PNGSJC the same contractor which built the iconic New Ireland Legislative Assembly building.

The construction of the building costing K450,000 is set to begin in February next year and will take two months to complete.

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