GG to remain in Pom until political situation is settled


Governor General of Papua New Guinea, Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae, has commended Members of Parliament and Speaker of National Parliament for the stance they have taken to accept the decision of the Supreme Court.

Grand Chief Sir Bob said, the conduct of Members of Parliament from both Government and Opposition camps to humbly accept the decision of the Supreme Court to go back to Parliament on December 14th, 2020 without reluctance or complaint, is commendable and demonstrates respect and acceptance of the democratic system of government we have and the demarcation of the three arms of government.

Grand Chief Sir Bob said, Speaker of Parliament also played a commendable role in accepting the decision of the Supreme Court, as head of the Legislative arm of Government.

The Governor General also praised the general public, in particular residents of the nation’s capital for not taking matters into their own hands and for respecting the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter.

The Governor General has also confirmed that he is well and healthy despite rumours to the contrary, and has decided not to take his annual leave this year and will remain in Port Moresby until such time the current political situation is settled.

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