PM Marape opens NDB Maprik branch


Prime Minister Hon. James Marape this week travelled to Maprik District in East Sepik Province where he officiated the opening of a National Development Bank (NDB) and People’s Micro Bank Maprik branch.

Speaking at the opening Marape applauded Maprik MP and Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Hon. John Simon, for establishing an avenue for his people and neighboring East Sepik districts to enhance their businesses.

The Government’s main priorities since taking office in mid-2019 was to empower people to participate in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The PM went on to add that the Government will set up more NDB branches throughout all the districts to create increased opportunities for SMEs.

The Government last year allocated K200 million for SME loans, K100 million of which was given to Bank South Pacific, K80 million to NDB and K20 million for administrative and business training purposes by Government agencies like the Department of Commerce and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, and others.

Prime Minister Marape encouraged the people of Maprik, East Sepik and PNG as a whole to utilise this Government initiative to enhance and grow their local SMEs whilst encouraging all Papua New Guineans to venture into small agriculture businesses. With the launching of the price support for agriculture produce in where over 5000 local cocoa, vanilla and coffee growers turned up to witness as well.

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