Bringing back the New Ireland way


Respect for each other and respect for the rule of law is the New Ireland way; that was the theme of discussions led by the Minister for Treasury and Member for Kavieng, Ian Ling-Stuckey who met with leaders and conflicting groups from indigenous and non-indigenous New Irelanders in Kavieng today. The discussions were initiated after almost a week of lawlessness in the usually peaceful town.

Treasurer Ling-Stuckey met with the people of Maiom village this morning at their roadblocks adjacent to the Ligga Life Bible college including Town Mayor Sikal Keleb and community leader, Stanley Peni. He was returning from conducting his Community Development Forum (CDF) and Project Implementation Meetings (PIM) at Djaul island and Munawai village in the Tikana LLG area.

On a conference call at the kavieng district treasury office with both Police Minister Onglo, Police Commissioner Manning and Kavieng District Development Authority (KDDA) CEO and authorized his Treasury Department to facilitate and endorse the Police recommendation to charter 24 mobile squad members including 5 detectives to deal with the criminal elements and criminal conduct during the ethnic clash over the weekend.

They will be arriving into Kavieng on Tuesday morning and consistent with recommendations of the provincial administration, will immediately takeover the manning of roadblocks on the buluminski highway from local landowners.

MP Ling-Stuckey also met with the Provincial and Kavieng Station Police Commander, where he was able to review a detailed scoping for new police accommodation – a big factor to the shortage of police manpower in Kavieng.

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