White Copra production on the rise in Kokopo District


In East New Britain province, Kokopo District’s food security initiative is bearing the fruits of labour when last week in Katakatai Ward in the Bitapaka LLG, Kokopo District so far one of the lead producers of copra, delivered 27 bags of white copra.

Herman Valvalu, the man driving the food security initiative and facilitating the white copra awareness, training and production was very pleased that after 3 weeks of training, the participants were able to deliver 27 bags.

Stating that black copra is now a thing of the past as more farmers are being trained to produce white copra, Valvalu further added that the white copra movement is not a pyramid scheme – you have to genuinely put in the hard work and sweat to gain from it.

For some background, PNGBUZZ featured the following articles on White Copra in 2020:

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