Major upgrade on the way for Hiritano Highway


The Hiritano Highway linking Gulf, Central and National Capital District (NCD) will soon see a major K100 million kina upgrade. Funding of K5 million for Kerema Town roads, K100,000 from the National Gaming Control Board to upgrade the Kerema Rugby League Oval, and another K20,000 to support the local basketball competition were also announced.

Prime Minister Marape after launching the Ihu Special Economic Zone (ISEZ) and other projects in Kikori District, travelled to Kerema where he made the announcements yesterday.

The upgrading to the last stretch of the Hiritano Highway that links Kerema is part of a K100-million road upgrade programme funded by the World Bank in partnership with the National Government.

PM Marape was accompanied by Gulf Governor Hon.Chris Haiveta and Central Governor Hon. Robert Agarobe, Goilala MP and Transport Minister Hon. William Samb, Works Minister Hon. Michael Nali, and Kikori MP and Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Hon. Soroi Eoe.

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