Strict measures paying off for PNG Customs


The ‘Red Lane Intervention’ initiated by the Customs Chief Commissioner David Towe which includes a prepayment facility, is paying off. A total of K613.11 million from Customs duties and excise and an additional K273.09 million from import GST was collected bY the PNG Customs Service during the first quarter of 2021.

Customs Chief Commissioner David Towe said the increased compliance necessitated by strong border control and security measures by Customs demonstrated a higher revenue collection in the first quarter as projected.

“Customs is also committed to implementing strategies outlined in the Medium Term Revenue Strategy (MTRS) to minimize revenue leakage and net maximum revenue due to the State,” Mr Towe stated.

He said Customs enforcement and border control units will strive to secure the border and protect it from outside and future threats through effective administration and enforcement of compliance regimes. This will include strengthening of the manifest screening process to identify cargo that may require physical intervention. The management has taken serious step to ensuring that critical units such as the Intelligent and Profiling, Enforcements, Post Clearance Audit and Regional Operations are adequately staffed, trained and remunerated/incentivized to facilitate legitimate trade and promote compliance.

He further added that Customs will continue to embrace innovative interventions and world best practices to strengthen its border security to facilitate legitimate international trade in a safe, secure and agile trading environment to promote sustainable trade and investment in the country, which are key to anchoring long term economic growth and prosperity.

The revenue collected has exceeded the first quarter revenue target set by the Government by 7% or K41.73 million.

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