ESP to begin commercial chicken meat production


Huaripmo Farm in the Yangoru Sausia District, East Sepik province is now going into commercial chicken meat production from their high tech farm in the Sepik Plains, with the arrival of the first batch of 1560 day-old chickens said to be available for the market around mid-June.

Huaripmo Farm is also currently at the completion stages of its own hatchery expected to be commissioned by the end of July. This will also allow the farm to pursue its Outgrower Program. Apart from the farm, the local village poultry farmers (outgrowers) will be the major suppliers to the farm, which in turn will buy, process and market the chicken meat under the Sepik Fresh brand.

Yangoru-Saussia Open MP, Hon. Richard Maru, confident in the exciting future ahead for the Province and District as they embark on the transition from being a net importer of chicken, eggs and day-old chicken and chicken feed to an exporter once the farm meets the local Sepik demand.

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