East Sepik Education going Online


Online learning or eLearning has numerous advantages combined with traditional learning methods for a country as geographically diverse as PNG. Combined with a planet adapting to a global pandemic way of life, it removes the geographical obstacles often associated with the isolation of traditional classrooms in remote areas and educational resources needed to reach them.

eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is imparted to students. Unlike traditional chalk and board method of teaching, eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective.

Under the leadership of East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, the East Sepik Provincial Government (ESPG) has been working with PNG’s best talent to tailor-design an eLearning platform to deliver effective learning content for children via the internet in the province. The program aptly titled ‘Sepik Genius’ will enable the province’s high schools and junior high schools to access the learning materials available online all paid for by ESPG.

In a small ceremony on Monday 17th May, Provincial Administrator, Dr. Clement Malau signed an agreement in partnership with Kacific and Kinect Ltd to install 40 satellite dishes covering all the provinces high schools and major primary schools to deliver eLearning materials via the internet to the children.

The project will cost 2 million kina and will be funded from PSIP funds with annual running costs around K150,000 for the first 40 access points. The ESPG expects the sites to be fully operational by end of July.

With support from respective DDAs, the provincial government expects to roll out to all schools and is hopeful to provide access to all of its primary school students as well by the end of this year.

ESPG will use this single internet platform to deliver E Health, E Agriculture and E Commerce throughout the province.

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