Conservation taught through Park’s ‘Culture Connects’ Program


Port Moresby Nature Park wraps up its special schools education program, ‘Culture Connects’ this week, educating over 5000 students throughout the 3-week duration of the program.

The Culture Connects program is the third of a series of four special themed education programs run annually at the Port Moresby Nature Park through its education department since September 2016.

Since the inception of this special schools education program, the Park’s Education team has had many successful highlights. One successful highlight to date is the working partnership with Teaching Colleges such as the Sacred Teachers College in Bomana where trainee teachers support the Park during the Culture Connects program on a voluntary basis as part of their practical assessment. In turn, once becoming teachers, they bring their students back to the Park to be part of its Education Program.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s Education Manager, Ms Shirley Mogi is especially thrilled about this year’s batch of students who participated in the program, as their participation in this year’s ‘Culture Connects’ program has enabled the Education team reach their year’s target of educating 24,000 students in the third quarter of the year without yet commencing fourth quarter.

“We have yet to enter the final quarter of the year and already we’ve reached our goal and it’s all thanks to the dedication of our teachers and students as well as the wonderful support of our good sponsors Sir Brian Bell Foundation, British High Commission and the support of NCDC Transport Division”, said Ms Mogi.

“It’s been a successful three weeks with students from elementary through to secondary schools joining us here at the Park and we’re now looking forward to an even more exciting themed program in Term 4, fully aware that we are now exceeding our target figures for the year and educating even more students out here at the Park through our Mission in Education”, added Ms Mogi.

The Port Moresby Nature Park wishes to thank all the schools, Foundations, NGO Groups, Church Groups, Youths, etc from around Port Moresby and Central province that have participated in the Culture Connects Program this year. Everyone’s participation in the program signifies how much school administrations, teachers, parents and students valued culture in our society today.

Tremendous thanks goes to the continuous support from the Park’s valued sponsors Sir Brian Bell Foundation and British High Commission, whose sponsorship has allowed more students to be educated at the Park through its educational programs.

Similar thanks is extended to the hard-working team from the NCDC Transport Division whose support has enabled the Park to witness large numbers of students being transported safely to and from the Park daily to attend its Culture Connects sessions.

Port Moresby Nature Park through its Education Program educates students and the local community on the importance of the natural environment in order to enhance the cultural integrity of local people, giving them more reasons to protect and conserve their natural environment.

Feature Picture: Students from Gordon’s Secondary School listening to Port Moresby Nature Park’s Education Manager, Ms Shirley Mogi as she welcomes them to the Park last week.

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