Partnership drives new cancer care initiatives


The inspiring partnership between Australia and PNG has paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives that hold the potential to transform healthcare for countless individuals in the country.

Recently, an exceptional example of this collaboration materialised as the Radiation Oncology Department from Australia’s Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (COBLH) worked hand in hand with the Port Moresby General Hospital. The collaboration facilitated a visit that allowed for the exchange of expertise and knowledge, fostering invaluable insights and learning opportunities.

During the tour, May Whittaker, Head Physicist at COBLH, had the privilege of showcasing the latest TrueBeam® technology, providing crucial insights into the logistical and operational considerations involved in installing and operating a linear accelerator. Engaging in meaningful conversations about the unique challenges posed by different climates and terrains, the team discussed how these factors influence radiation therapy delivery and access to treatment at local village and government policy levels.

As knowledge sharing efforts like these gain momentum, a bright future emerges for cancer care programs in Papua New Guinea, setting the stage for even more remarkable advancements in the fight against cancer. The collective efforts of these dedicated teams bring us one step closer to a world without fear of cancer.

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