Ase Boas discusses cup start with Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers


Going into the 2nd week of the Digicel Cup 2020 season, all 12 teams competing have now played an actual proper competition round to adjust and develop the team’s performance in their 2020 campaign.

Apart from the Agmark Gurias showcasing a very dominant win 30-10 win over the Wamp Nga Hagen Eagles, the other 5 matches played were closely contested with a draw between EPG Enga Mioks and the Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers at 10-all.

With 3 weeks to prepare and 10 rounds remaining, experience on and off the field will be key in guiding a win. Speaking with PNGBUZZ, the Hunters Captain Ase Boas, recruited by the Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers highlighted basic fundamentals.

Expectations are high for the Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers with both current Hunters players plus experienced overseas based players recruited into the side, the belief is there.

The success for any club entirely depends on the support and sponsorship the team gets, which is what Ase experienced formerly being a part of the Agmark Rabaul Gurias and is very confident in the way Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers board and management are doing to bring about a champion franchise.

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