Dabaris Ready For Central Governors Unity Tour


The Central Governors Unity tour scheduled to take place in February is progressing well. Acting Head Coach for the Central Dabaris Gairo Pepena has made up 2 teams from a 50 man squad. Assistant Coaches Gari Morea will head Dabaris Red and Oala Frank will lead Dabaris Blue.

Coach Pepena stating that the final 25 man squad will be announced at the end of the Central Governors Unity tour.

Dabaris Program Coordinator Indy Verena, announcing that Rigo and Hiri East have announced their squads for the Unity tour. Other zone coordinators are preparing their respective zone select sides which will take on the two Dabaris select side.

Executive Director, Hubert Warupi added that now having the zone coordinators setup they can now discuss further with regards to the Dabaris membership program and how the franchise can assist with the PNGRFL affiliation.

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