PNGBUZZ Rugby League Round Review: May 22

By our PNGBUZZ Rugby League Expert


Can we please see some refereeing that is just and fair for goodness sake!! It’s honestly hard to stomach some of the decisions being justified by the match officials at both the ISC and Digicel Cup.


I am a staunch supporter and advocate of fair play by all means and all involved in the game and this was clearly not visible in the last game of the round of Inter City Digicel Cup. The uncalled for violence in Lae was a possible indicator of the official’s decisions under duress. Rubbish behavior from spectators putting lives in danger.

Poor adjudicating cost the Muruks a much improved and deserved win. Buoyed by the return of Roy Ellison at fullback backing up the chargers laid by his forwards. Credit given to the Gulf boys however for being gutsy enough to stick around and contest the game given the poor quality of refereeing. Isou edging the luckless Muruks 15-14.

The other match of the treble in Port Moresby was a poor quality game which was a one sided ‘just needed to win it now please’ game. Marred with drop balls, stoppages in play and dubious calls one wonders what they train. I was just glad the points were sorted out after 80mins and the coaches revisit the proverbial ‘drawing board’. There’s a lot more than that. The Dabari without servicemen Korave and Belo lacked the depth and direction to take on Wigmen who against a better opponent would not have notched the outlandish thirty-point buffer.  Wigmen winners.

Mioks are a genuine threat when Laka is in charge. He commands control and leads with depth. Mioks losing 18 -10 but not with out better organized fight.  Gurias maintaining their form Kalabond.

Tigers and Lahanis saw out a draw. The reining premiers fighting their way back into the game. A game that lacked control from the match officials and unfortunately resulted in violence. 22 all draw.

The Vipers gusty in a loss up in Mt Hagen 14- 10 and on the other side the Cutters continue to learn the ropes with loss to the high-flying Tumbe.

The quality and standard of Intercity is of concern, whilst the adjudicating is far from perfect I’m sure RFL game development cannot keep turning their heads to the standards displayed in our national competition. Coaching and mentoring of fundamental skills and technical development is paramount for game understanding and leads to game sense.

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