PNGBUZZ Rugby League Round Preview: June 1

By our PNGBUZZ Rugby League Expert


A big BUZZ is on in a big way in the nations capital Port Moresby with a super-sunday Digicel Cup treble. Home games for the Wigmen, Vipers and Isou playing host to the Mioks, Lahanis and the Eagles to what should be jam-packed crowded affair.

In other games, the Muruks with new coach and staffing host the boundless Dabari in Mendi. Lae League host Tigers will be looking to offset the Tumbe who will want to rekindle the winning flame with an upset.

Wigmen and Mioks open up Super Sunday in the first of the three. Both coming off wins at home and away. Wigmen fought out a win in Mt Hagen against the Eagles and will have this energy and gusto in their stride. They’ve been an under-achiever this season and will be streaming to gather their confidence to find some form. Mioks are teaming enthusiasm with the focus on stringing a back-to-back win this season and have some consistency to bring into finals contention. Mioks over the Wigmen

NCD Vipers host the Bintangor Lahanis in the Second. Vipers’ entire team being placed on report will be bitter after they were clearly disadvantaged by certain calls made by the match referee never-the-less the game must go on and they will need to move forward against a Lahanis side gaining momentum. The Lahanis are easily going to be crowd favorites with a huge support base. A side that feeds off the crowd’s energy – hopefully they can deliver a win for them with a polished performance. Lahanis to win

Wrapping up the day the Isou should continue their winning form hopefully without the significant aide of the match officials in past weekend. Everyone needs a helping hand or foot but please, if it happens for a third time in row? This has to be revisited by the NRLC match committees. Isou to dispose of the Eagles

The PNG Hunters head to the Moreton Bay area, Redcliffe Qld to take on the Dolphins for the Stan Joyce Cup. Dolphin Park will come alive Saturday night and coach Marum will no doubt have a side that is enthused by the fact they got the two points at home. Redcliffe haven’t seen their dominating form from last year and will want to stave off the Hunters. Terry Wapi grabbed a bench spot in the ISC team of the week and form willing he display this against a stronger side but away. Hunters to sneak a back-to-back win.

State of Origin is a few days away. Sides looking primed and even. Remember its only a game and enjoy and love the product as well as be responsible.

Support safe and play safe. Till next time.

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