Central Dabaris and Kimbe Cutters draw in close clash


With the titans battling it out in Lae, the not so new kids on the block, Central Dabaris and Kimbe Cutters entertained the Pom crowd.

Dabaris Center, Makara Hura; caught the Cutters napping within their own half and dashed over to score beside the uprights for the first 4 pointer of the match. Five Eight Jr Belo getting the extra 2 points and the Dabaris were 6 points in front 6 minutes into the game.

With 10 minutes remaining in the 1st half, the Dabaris found themselves a man down with a sin bin and the Cutters took full advantage with 2nd Row Alex Rova barging over to get the his team on the scoreboard. Justin Yoka’s successful conversion left the scoreline even at 6 all going into halftime.

Second half began with Cutters camped inside the Dabaris half and Center Benji Kot found space out wide in the 47th minute with a perfect balancing act inching the sideline to get the Cutters second try. Conversion unsuccessful the Cutters now taking the lead 10–6

A controversial try in the 58th minute saw halfback Jerry Teme cross over for the Dabaris and Jr Belo failing to convert the extra 2 points had the score again locked up at 10 all.

Kimbe Cutters looking the more dominant side in the second half and playmaker Justin Yoka stepped up with a brilliant solo effort in the Dabaris red zone for a center try saw the cutter in front again by 6 points with his own successful conversion.

With 2 minutes of the match remaining and a Cutters mistake in their own half resulted in quick hands from Dabaris and it was Makara Hura again who crossed over for the 4 pointer. It came down to the boot of Jr Belo from the sidelines and he delivered as expected. Central Dabaris and the Kimbe Cutters with a draw 16–16.

In other matches the battle of the round between the front runners Lae Snax Tigers up against the Agmark Rabaul Gurias saw the Tigers come out victorious over the Gurias 24–16

The Kroton Hela Wigmen finished strongly against the Bintagor Goroka Lahanis 18–8 and the EPG Enga Mioks who went up against the JPG Waghi Tumbe finished their match with the second draw of the round 12–12 over in Lae.

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