Digicel Cup Round 6 Roundup


After 6 rounds the PRK Mendi Muruks find themselves on second place ahead of the Kroton Hela Wigmen. Both teams with 5 wins and a loss and just 2 points behind the defending premiers and current competition leaders Lae Snax Tigers.

Despite the 20-6 thumping the Wigmen delivered to the lackluster Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles, the Muruks still edge out the Wigmen with their fore and against points differential. Muruks overcoming the Central Dabaris in a close encounter 16-14

The Bintagor Goroka Lahanis almost caused the upset of the round with a thrilling come from behind draw against the Agmark Rabaul Gurias 14-14. Whilst the Lae Snax Tigers are the only unbeaten franchise in the competiton, overcoming the Kimbe Cutters in Lae .

The Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers seem to have found their winning formula with a confident 18-8 victory over the JPG Waghi Tumbe. And the EPG Enga Mioks defeating the PRK Gulf Isou 24-14.


  1. Lae Snax Tigers 12
  2. PRK Mendi Muruks 10
  3. Kroton Hela Wigmen 10
  4. Agmark Rabaul Gurias 9
  5. Moni Plus NCDC Pom Vipers 9
  6. EPG Enga Mioks 5
  7. Kimbe Cutters 5
  8. Central Dabaris 4
  9. JPG Waghi Tumbe 3
  10. Bintagor Goroka Lahansi 3
  11. PRK Gulf Isou 2
  12. Wamp Nga Mt Hagen Eagles 0

Photo Credit: PNGRFL

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