Wigmen overcome Gurias to make 2020 Cup Final


Kroton Hela Wigmen put on a second half come-back to secure their spot to face the Lae Snax Tigers in the Digicel Cup 2020 Grand Final

Gurias opened the match with two early tries however conceded numerous penalties which saw frustration build with even the most experienced in the likes of Wartovo Puara Jr losing their cool on the field, adding to their woes.

The second half saw the Wigmen even up the score which saw the game become an even tussle from that point, with both side throwing themselves at each other. Man of the match and halfback Solomon Pokare was already at work kicking early in the tackle count to ensure Gurias were never presented with an easy run within the Wigmen red zone.

With 80 minutes gone and the game was still to be decided, an attempt from Pokare within the first 5 minutes went wide of the goal posts before the game went into the final 5 minutes of extra-time. With two minutes remaining on the clock, Solomon Pokare delivered from almost 40 meters out a field goal that would end the Gurias 2020 campaign.

Kroton Hela Wigmen 11 Rabaul Agmark Gurias 10.

Kroton Hela Wigmen have come under a lot of scrutiny on social media with their win against the vipers and Head Coach Charlie Wabo has taken it positively and encourages the team to embrace the criticisms and improve and build on it.

The game plan against the Gurias was to keep the ball in their halves and maintain defensive pressure and capitalize on their mistakes

PNGBUZZ TV VIDEO: Wigmen Coach Charlie Wabo on their win:

PNGBUZZ TV VIDEO: Gurias Coach Marcus Kaugla’s post match comments:

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