Rugby League Round Review: May 14

By our PNGBUZZ Rugby League Expert



Massive weekend of Rugby League with our very own Intercity Digicel Cup double on Sunday whilst the NRL featured its ‘Magic Round’ concept seeing all teams and supporters descend onto Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane that saw one hundred and fifty thousand-plus people file through the turnstiles. Definitely a future thought for the PNGNRL management.

The first of the double saw the Isou going down to the might of the Tigers 32-12. Isou with early wares of flamboyance succumbed to what’s now becoming a norm for the Gulf men, inconsistency. There has to be concern at the management level for a team that on paper has the experience and definitely inspired by Captain Moore Evara who continuously tries in his beaten side. They need to be asking the questions now.

Dabari and Waghi Tumbe was a case of dominance. The Tumbe dominated from the outset and maintained throughout the game to win 26-10. Central Dabari has what its takes to be a force in this competition however need to work on what most teams lack also, and that’s patience and game management. Waghi were too strong in a riddled game of twister featuring drop balls galore.

Wet and wild in the wild west of Kimbe, West New Britain was the order of the day. Cutters hosting the Vipers who scraped through 10-4 in wet conditions to edge out the Cutters aided by a few Hunters players. Great to see a scoreline the Cutters can work on improving moving forward.

Goroka Lahanis came out trumps in a topsy-turvy game 30-28 in Goroka. They reclaim their stake in the winner’s circle.

The clash in the South was marred by violence – a point I purposely didn’t want to give credence to as an opening statement for this review. Shameful behavior by management and players of the Hela Wigmen post game in Mendi after they plummeted to another loss. In a scrappy affair the Muruks came up winners 24-18.

Violence has no place in this code or any sport for this matter. Whilst we acknowledge match officials make decisions that are not in line with our thoughts, there are processes which must be followed to register your grievances with through relevant sport bodies. Violent behavior is not one. Get it out of our game.

Play Fair.

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