PNG Digital Transformation Policy Completed


Digital change and innovation continues to throw up both unprecedented challenges and new opportunities for policymakers around the world. Major shifts on the demand side are also occurring as growing transparency, consumer engagement and new patterns of consumer behavior are increasingly built upon access to mobile networks and data. PNG’s draft Digital Transformation Policy looks at the government’s impact on consumers, businesses, governments and their partners and how to better collaborate and innovate with reduced costs and higher productivity.

The Minister for Information and Technology, Timothy Masiu recently announced the completion of the Digital Transformation Policy for PNG. He thanked the Acting Secretary Steven Matainaho and his team for enabling the framework for the ICT sector. The document aligns itself to the government’s goals in putting people first, through its customer service, empowering the workforce and fostering excellence.

A digital government will contribute to economic and social development by transforming Papua New Guinea into a competitive, innovative knowledge-based society by:

  • Increasing the quality of government service delivery,
  • Allowing for better use of government infrastructure and resources,
  • Improving governance,
  • Improving service delivery,
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Enhancing the participation of private sector,
  • Increasing transparency, and accountability,
  • Reducing opportunities for corruption, and
  • Lowering costs.

The Digital Transformation Policy looks at utilising and promoting the opportunities offered by digitalisation and includes regulation of digital and electronic communications, network and information security, frequency policy and issues concerning broadband access and digital infrastructure. This policy area also covers issues to make the tasks and activities of government agencies more efficient and simplify the general public contacts with them.

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