Telikom TV Launches in Lae


Minister for Housing and Lae Open Member Hon. John Rosso gave applause at the launch of Telikom TV in Lae on Thursday evening, 30 July 2020 with Corporate Customers hosted at the Lae Yacht Club.

Locally owned Telikom PNG launched its Triple Play platform where customers can purchase and subscribe to digital tv (multi-channel subscription), internet and ADSL services at an affordable rate.

Minister Rosso, as keynote speaker for the launch event, gave praise to the local Papua New Guineans who are behind this exciting innovation, recognising the fact that the people have been experiencing high tariff and data charges and such affordable alternatives tailored locally is a breath of fresh air for the consumers.

Mr Rosso reassured the business community of the partnership being created under his leadership to bring back the glory of Lae City.

Businesses are starting to have confidence in investing in a city where crime rate is being reduced by 80%, proper accountancy for public funds and better management of revenue generated from its own ratepayers.

Despite setbacks in funding constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Open Member’s electorate is progressing well with its business and partnerships for a better Lae.

Photo Credit: Lae Open MP Facebbok Page

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