Minister Masiu: Major changes underway at Department of ICT


Department of Information and Communications Technology, the line department leading ICT policy development in Papua New Guinea, is undergoing fundamental changes according to Minister for Information and Communication Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu.

“I am pleased to inform our ICT sector stakeholders and especially the people of Papua New Guinea that my line department is undergoing a number of changes following Cabinet approval of the Digital Transformation Policy in August 2020.”

Minister for Information and Communication Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu

“The Department has been renamed and is now known as Department of Information and Communications Technology. It used to be known as the Department of Communication and Information. The change in name adopts the ICT acronym and incorporates it for easy reference but more importantly to reflect the emergence of technology as the enabler and driver.”

“The Department has a five-year corporate plan, and this is something that was missing for the past five years.”

“Because of the corporate plan and the Cabinet directive, the Department of Personnel Management is set to facilitate a three-fold increase in the number of positions under the new structure. Perhaps an interesting point is that a new Division called ‘Digital Delivery’ has been created to deliver digital technology and critical infrastructure, and digital standards and cyber services.”

“This is a fundamental change to the way the Department has been conducting its business and external peer reviewers are reviewing draft legislation. The Department has scheduled a final consultative workshop in Port Moresby within the month when the Bill will be introduced for final comments. Called the ‘Public Sector Digital Transformation Bill 2020’, the Bill entrenches the Department’s mandate and creates a governance framework, shared services and standards that are required to deliver on the Digital Transformation Policy going forward.”

“I acknowledge the support of sister Departments of Personnel Management, Finance, Treasury, and Justice & Attorney General towards the restructure process.”

“Government is serious about cost-effective public service delivery and the Department is working on a digital platform for the entire public service from which public services will be hosted to enable seamless integration, shared services, and authentication between governments, businesses and citizens.”

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