Digital Government Bill into final stages


After receiving input from various stakeholders, the Department of Information and Communications Technology are now at the third official iteration of the Digital Government Bill (formerly referred to as the (Digital Transformation Bill).

The Digital Government Bill for the first time proposes a whole-of-government approach to coordinating the usage of ICT services across all public bodies.

The proposed legislation aims to define digital services and standards and hold public bodies accountabilities as a means of raising standards and improving service delivery.

The standards and proposed regulations will include, government website standards, social media standards, and in general digital service standards for all public bodies.

As per the Department of ICT, it is currently working to improve on all ICT infrastructure investments. A key aspect of the Bill is the introduction of a centralised eGovernment Platform where citizens can access one website and have access to ALL government services whether is be renewal of drivers license, or filing in tax returns, registering for business, to registering for school, or simply accessing the status of applications you have submitted to a government agency.

This platform build is ambitious in nature and may take time but is certainly made possible through the Digital Government Bill. To enable such a service which I call the ‘State-In-a-Phone Project’, the Bill proposes to establish integration standards so that each Government Agencies’ system can ‘talk’ to each other in a safe and secure manner. We further propose for the introduction of a National Secure Data Exchange Platform to facilitate the secure exchange of data between agencies.

The Department of ICT is hoping to get more input as they head towards finalisation of this crucial Bill.

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