Solomon Islands community receives kind donation from Wantok Musik & local musician

Story & Pics courtesy of Wantok Musik Foundation


Member for West Are Are Constituency in the Solomon Islands, Honourable John Maneniaru received a sum of AUD$3,969.29 equivalent to SBD$20,034.27 raised by the musician Charles Maimarosia’s family and Wantok Musik to support the family members who have lost their love ones during the tragic MV Taimareho incident.

On Saturday the 4 of April 2020, a ferry disaster caused by Tropical Cyclone Harold led to 27 people who were on the top deck to be thrown overboard. The passengers were departing the capital Honiara on the MV Taimareho under a government program to evacuate people to their home villages in fear for safety due to the global COVID-19 epidemic. Most of the passengers were students who were returning home.

Charles Maimarosia, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, is a local talented musician born and raised from Pipisu Village, West Are’are, Malaita Province. Some of Charlie’s extended family members lost their lives during MV Taimareho’s incident and he was compelled to do something for his community.

Maimorosia says “I lost for words to describe the sadness that all of us have experienced in this tragic time. I would like to inform relatives and friends that we are greatly saddened by the unfortunate passing away of our loved ones and wish God’s comforts to heal us during this time of bereavement.”

Maimarosia wrote and recorded the song ‘A’mamiuru’ (Forgiveness)’ to promote forgiveness in the community as well as to aid in the fundraising efforts which was coordinated by his label, Wantok Musik.

Maimorosia is quoted by the Solomon Times, “I would like to thank Wantok Musik’s Amy Chapman, David Bridie and Andrew Robinson who recorded the forgiveness song.They are the ones who made the fundraiser happen.”

Wantok Musik Label

The Wantok Musik Foundation is a not-for-profit Music Label that records, releases and promotes culturally infused music from Indigenous Australia, Melanesia and the broader Oceania region. Wantok Music raises the local and international profile of Indigenous and world music groups based in the region, and provides greater economic opportunity for artists and long-term career sustainability. Artists represented include George Telek MBE, Sambra Aikit, Sayes Arare, Emma Richards and A Bit Na Ta from PNG, Charles Maimarosia (Solomon Islands), Kaumaakonga KMK (Solomon Islands), Tio (Vanuatu), Frank Yamma (Australia) and Emily Wurramara (Australia).”

The Honourable John Maneniaru stated that he would like to thank the Maimarosia family, Wantok Musik foundation particularly Amy Chapman, David Bridie and Andy Robinson, and all individual donors in Australia and overseas who donated during this difficult time with COVID-19 “because people have lost their jobs but with their big hearts they donated nonetheless.” He further added that this support will directly be offered to families and relatives that have lost their loved ones during the MV Taimareho Incident.

Story & Pics courtesy of Wantok Musik Foundation

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