Wednesdays: Pacific Family Health Journal with Dr Rodney Itaki


PNGBUZZ presents the Pacific Family Health Journal with Dr Rodney Itaki

Featuring every Wednesday on PNGBUZZ.COM, PNG Doctor and Blogger Dr Rodney Itaki shares with you family health topics that affect PNG and the Pacific.

Dr Itaki is a Medical Graduate of UPNG with experience in academia, public service, industry, NGOs and research and has received post graduate training at the University of Papua New Guinea School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kagawa University, Japan and University of Maryland Medical Centre, Baltimore, United States of America.

With a special interest in laboratory medicine and public health, Rodney is currently working as a General Physician (GP) in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Dr Itaki’s blog, the Pacific Family Health Journal has been online since 2007 and focuses on raising awareness on current and emerging health issues in the Pacific, especially neglected areas of health. The aim of his blog is to bring these issues to public attention to encourage discussion and debate so that these issues may be put on the development agenda. The Pacific Family Health Journal is archived in the Pandora Archive, National Library of Australia archives.

Starting Wednesday 11 September 2019, visit every week here: Pacific Family Health Journal with Dr Rodney Itaki

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