Pacific Family Health Journal: Article 5 – What Exercise Activity burns more Calories?

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Pacific Family Health Journal with Dr Rodney Itaki

Have you wondered what form of exercise is the best to burn more calories and loose weight quickly?

What are calories? A calorie is the amount of heat needed to increase one gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. 1000 small calories make up 1Kilocalorie. Simply put a calorie is the unit of measurement that is used to measure amount of energy. The food we eat contain energy aka calories so that our body uses the energy stored in the food for our daily body function. If we eat too much calories aka more energy food or drink, the extra calories are stored by the body as fat. Therefore the excess fat on our body is unused energy.

I did some research over the internet and here are the top 10 activities that burn more calories (or more energy). In other words the activities that burn more fat.

Jumping rope (skipping rope) – 667-690 calories in 1 hour.

Running up and down stairs – 639-946 calories in 1 hour.

Kickboxing – 582-864 calories in 1 hour.

High intensity cycling – 568-841 calories in 1 hour.

Running/jogging – 566-839 calories in 1 hour.

Kettle bell circuit – 554-822 calories in 1 hour.

Stationary bike cycling – 498-738 calories in 1 hour.

Rowing – 481-713 calories in 1 hour.

Weight training – 341-504 calories in 1 hour.

You may be wondering where walking comes in this list. This is brisk walking, not your afternoon leisure walk.

Walking – 180-400 calories in 1 hour.

Swimming is another good calorie burning. I personally like swimming because it is less stressful on the body and joints.

Swimming – 223-528 calories in 1 hour.

Gym membership is expensive in PNG and most working class Papua New Guineans will not have access to a gym with equipment to do the exercises I have listed. However, remember that more active you are throughout the day, more calories you will burn.

Muscles are the most active organs in the body and use a lot of calories (aka energy) to function so the trick is if you use your body muscles more often throughout the day or most days of the week, you will burn more calories and lose weight.

Dr Rodney Itaki, MBBS, BMedSci

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