PNG Sports Talk with NHookz: Rugby World Cup & World League 9’s

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Hi I’m back!

Rugby World Cup

Hitting the ground running with the Rugby World Cup. The quarters are here with the expected final 8 to lead to the semi’s.

No surprise packages for me. Japan? No! They are exactly where they are supposed to be. They’ve worked hard over the past years to be technically better in areas they know they have deficiencies in. Their attack is one of the most refined. Does that surprise you!

Australia and England? England are throwing down the challenge to the rookies in the Wallabies camp with mind games. Eddie Jones the England Rose coach knows no limits.

Wales and France should see the Welsh take control. I wouldn’t just right off the Irish as they take on the AB’s. The All Blacks are favourites but you just never know with the kick of the Irish!

NRL World 9s

Today is D’ day! 

They hyped and piped up the tournament and here we are! It’s Auckland 9s concept set to the end of the year to now accommodate and capture world playing teams.

The Kumuls and Orchids will represent Papua New Guinea. The Orchids will for the first time see the inclusion of players from the Qld Kokomos who have representation in 3 players. A great moment for this organisation that is striving to contribute to PNG’s representation.

The Kumuls will have the best exciting players available to them this weekend. I would have like dto see Gairo Kapana on this stage. However, they’ll be exciting and this is a space of the format that PNG is fluid at.

That’s me.

Have a great weekend. Whatever sport you engage in play fair and play safe.


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