PNG Sports Talk with NHookz: 2019 NRL Grand Final is here

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Here it is, The NRL Grand Final 2019. 

Before I go on with who deserves it more and why, I’d like to shout out to PNGs representation in the finals series, that ended last weekend. Edene Gebbie, Wynnum Manly Seagulls and Justin Olam, Melbourne Storm. Great season guys and as they say ‘you’ll be better from the experience’. You’ve done PNG proud. Thank you.


Wait..can you hear it? Surely you can hear it? It was faint but now momentum has acended with it’s troops’ meteoric rise.. the horn, then the drums, then in unison with the clap.. VIKING Clap! 

It’s been 25 years since the Viking horn sounded loudest in the Australian Capital, and the rugby league world, here they are, The Canberra Raiders. Club living legend and immortal Mal Meninga will have the rights to sound the horn to battle this sunday, leading a legion of supporters in their frenzied Viking clap.

No doubt the UK will be out to support the Raiders as they have a fair representation in three starting players , Hodgson, Bateman and Elliott. These three have established themselves as world class players. All bring a style and relentlesness of their own to the Raiders fold.

Witen, Nicolstad and Cotric just to name a few that have earnt the right and respect from peers to be at the finals. Then there’s Soliola and Papalii.. stalwarts. Underdogs.

NHookz chats with former Canberra Raider great & PNG Kumul David Westley

He who stands firmest, crows the loudest. Yes, the “latte boys”. Call them as you please but undoubtedly the form team over the past 5 years. Consistent and detailed. The hallmarks of mark key buy, Cooper Cronk. Nothing fancy about this side except the coffee and glitz  from Bondi. Led by their gritty fearless leader, Boyd Cordiner, supported by a pack – fearless with experience to learn. Waeria Hargreaves, will definitely stitch up a few Raiders to set the momentum early. He loves being the agitator.

Cronk and Keary  a depository of wealth backing up for a second premiership partnership. Dally-M winner James Tedesco sure to inject himself to cement his worth.To the Roosters fans its all but formalities. They’ll be looking to snuff out the momentum of the Vikings and have the Roosters crow the loudest.

Great game ahead. I’m going with the underdog. I can hear the horn of the Viking.

Whatever sport you’re onto this weekend, play fair and play safe.

God Bless.


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