Rainforest Ecology Course completed in Madang


30 course participants, 10 from Europe and 20 from PNG completed the International Tropical Ecology Course from 31 July to 23 August 2019.

The course was led by Professor Vojtech Novotny & Dr Conor Redmond from the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic along with two Senior Botanists, Mr Kipiro Demas of PNG Forest Research Institute and Mr Kenneth Molem of New Guinea Binatang Research Centre.

The students were taught the basics of rainforest ecology and how to design small research projects, implement them in the field, analyse the data and present the results.

The course took place at Wanang 3 in Madang for the field work. The lab work, analysis and presentation was held at the Binatang Centre. Other trips included the Manam volcanic succession and Nagada bay mangroves and snorkelling.

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