EU funded initiative to encourage Green Commodities


Climate action has been given a significant boost with the launch of an exciting initiative to mitigate carbon emissions and demonstrate the potential of ‘green’ commodities. 

Launched in Wabag, Enga Province, the Strengthening Integrated Sustainable Landscape Management Project will support Papua New Guinea in its continuing efforts to address climate change. “It will enhance sustainable land use planning, support conservation and encourage ‘green’ commodities,” said UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Dirk Wagener.

Funded by the European Union, the Project will assist in strengthening sustainable and inclusive economic development across Enga Province, Papua New Guinea. It has three objectives. The first to improve climate change mitigation and adaption, the second, to strengthen food and nutrition security and the third to improve biodiversity, land and forest conservation.

The Project will achieve this by delivering an innovative approach to rural development that brings together government systems, the private sector and community groups to establish models for climate compatible green growth.

The Project will support community farmers and women’s group to develop their sustainable agricultural practices through small grants. It will help them to improve their livelihoods and gain access to local and international commodity markets while conserving their surrounding environment and Papua New Guinea’s biodiversity for future generations.

These efforts will see UNDP partner with the National Government through the Climate Change and Development Authority and Enga’s Provincial Administration.

UNDP Resident Representative said, “Continuing efforts to address climate change grow critical by the day. This Project demonstrates how action against climate change can help communities improve their livelihoods in a more sustainable manner.”

The Project will run from 2021 to 2026. It is valued at 5.4 million euros and has been made possible with funding support from the European Union.



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