MAF secure new Aircraft with assistance from Barrick, PJV


Following the success of Barrick Niugini Ltd’s funding of a subsidy scheme for MAF’s flights in Enga province, the company has now provided a US$550,000 grant toward MAF’s PNG fleet renewal programme.

MAF has purchased six new Cessna C208 aircraft and is selling and replacing its older aircraft.  The aircraft purchased with the assistance of BNL (registered as P2-MAL) will be based in Mt Hagen and will operate into the Porgera Mine footprint area of Enga and Hela Provinces.

The BNL contribution to the MAF PNG fleet renewal project has been welcomed by MAF as a model and example of how corporate partnership can assist in the development of remote communities.  Already the aircraft has made more than 670 flights into 115 different airstrips across 13 different Provinces.  There has been significant delivery of health and education services as well as community development through the movement of people and supplies in and out of remote rural communities. Covered by the MAF programme.

Mr Anthony Esplin, the Executive Managing Director of Barrick Niugini, which manages the Porgera Mine on behalf of the Porgera Joint Venture partners, said that the company was pleased to support the charitable work of MAF.  “The air services provided by MAF make a very real difference to the lives and well-being of people living in some of Papua New Guinea’s most remote areas, and we are proud to provide support for their important work” Mr Esplin said.

Affixed near the aircraft passenger door is signage acknowledging the Porgera mine’s support of the MAF programme. 

MAF’s PNG Country Director, Todd Aebischer said “BNL’s commitment to the development of remote communities in the Provinces where they work can be seen through the subsidy scheme they fund in Enga Province and also through their donation toward the cost of buying aircraft to serve remote people. MAF wishes to thank BNL for their generous grant funding.”   

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