MAF continue to serve rural PNG under new normal


While Port Moresby is seeing a spike in positive COVID-19 cases and a heightened state of alertness, elsewhere in PNG NGOs are still hard at work ensuring the communities they serve in some of the most remotest parts of PNG continue to receive critical services that most people in the major urban centers take for granted.

One such NGO is Mission Aviation Fellowship PNG (MAF PNG) whose pilots Brad Venter and Arjan Paas on Friday 24 July 2020 flew all the way to Western Province to fetch the Aerial Health Patrol team at Suki. The team had been there for a few days doing clinics and community work.

On their way, the aircraft picked up another member who goes by the name of Nason from the Mt Hagen based MAF Maintenance team to fly him and a lot of material to Kawito. Nason’s tasks are to fix the generator so MAF’s Kawito base and pilot’s overnight location is functional again. Equipment was also transported to set up the VSAT (Satellite Internet System) to help with booking requests from the Western Province and communication and training needs with their staff down there. Their IT team is on its way to set up the VSAT today.

These days, MAF pilots are not only flying the aircraft but are busy with a few additional tasks to ensure the COVID-19 safety are in place. On their way back to the Highlands, the team flew a medical evacuation of a baby from Kawito to Mt. Hagen. The baby was quite ill and was in and out of consciousness.

Again just another workday for the Mission Aviation Fellowship PNG.

Photo credits: MAF PNG

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