PM Marape announces big plan for provincial health


Prime Minister Hon James Marape has announced that the government will begin to build modern world class provincial Hospitals in the 22 provinces and one major upgraded world class referral Hospital in Port Moresby beginning next year into 2025 when the country celebrates 50 years of Independence.

PM Marape said this in his address to Provincial Administrators meeting with COVID-19 State of Emergency Controller David Manning in Port Moresby today (Thursday 21st May 2020) discussing COVID-19 SOE and how to work better together.

He said work will begin on 3-4 provincial hospitals next year and wanted provincial administrators to take a stock take of the health services in respective provinces as well as education and other services.

The Prime Minister said his government out of the COVID 19 pandemic is province focused and wanted the Provincial Administrators to take stock of what is in the provinces and that the national government will assist.

“We are all about decentralization. We are a country of huge diversity and the government has a new generation of leaders who want to grow the provinces and I urge you all to think big, plan for the provinces and we will assist.”

He said funds are now being sent to the provinces and this will continue and want each province to build capacity and systems and also into the districts. Mr Marape said Administrators sit on a very important sit and no one was greater then the administrators to make a great impact together with the Provincial Assembly.

The Prime Minister’s address to the Provincial Administrators will feature on national television at 7:30pm, Friday 22nd May.

Pic Credit: PNG NEC, POM Gen

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