Volunteers working behind the scenes


St John Ambulance PNG volunteers in Port Moresby have been working behind the scenes to pack PPE kits for all public health facilities in NCD including Port Moresby General Hospital for about 5 months now.

Never missing an order, every bit of PPE requested has been distributed, usually within a few hours, according to St John.

Commissioner Matt Cannon said “I cannot thank our volunteers enough. We put out a call for help. These volunteers are people from the community who stepped forward to support others.”

The volunteers were given training in pharmacy systems and warehousing and are playing their part in making sure that frontline health professionals, doctors and nurses have PPE so they can help people who may contract COVID-19.

“Our volunteers are the modern-day custodians of St John’s 950 years of voluntary service to humanity in times of emergency in war, peace and plague,” said Cannon.

COVID-19 is not the first plague St John has helped people during and sadly it is unlikely to be the last. We were helping people during the 1918 Spanish Flu all around the world, and we have for many other outbreaks in our 950 years of helping the poor, the sick and the needy.

Story source & Photo Credit: St Johns PNG

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