Lae City Hand Up Program offering financial literacy training


The Lae City Hand Up Program (LCHUP) is another great initiative offering financial literacy trainings for those who successfully complete the screening process.

These are training sessions run by the Westpac Bank fortnightly. The training encourages participants to save as much as they can and properly manage their hard-earned money by maintaining a realistic budget, and differentiating between needs and wants to prioritise expenses.

This financial literacy training is a requirement for LCHUP community workers prior to helping them open their bank accounts.

This is all through the hardwork and tireless efforts by LCA CEO Neil Ellery and staff, officers of the Australian Consulate and other stakeholders who have been instrumental behind the scene.

Results so far:

Referrals so far: 900 referrals

Registered community workers: 537 (of the most in needy in our city)

Attended Financial Literacy training : 460

Engaged in projects: 218

Helped open Bank Accounts:240

Demographic: 90% Females 10% Males

Program commenced 15 June 2020

To date there have been no administration costs paid by program, no consultants or middle men paid, nor any hire car costs paid by project.

The Lae Open Electorate thanked all its partners which included, the Morobe Provincial Government, Australian Government, LCCI and Westpac bank.

Photo Credit: LCHUP

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