Church Education Mission Boosted Through New Constitution


The Papua New Guinea National Churches Education Council (NCEC) recently launched its new Constitution which sets a pathway for churches to collectively deliver better quality education throughout the country.

The creation of the new Constitution was supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership through the Church Partnership Program.

NCEC Secretariat and Council Chairman, Michael Ova said that the new Constitution was a foundation for a more vibrant and coordinated effort between the church and government to deliver improved education outcomes through more practical actions. 

“This Constitution empowers churches to run schools in PNG’s education system to continue providing the best opportunities for young Papua New Guineans in a rapidly changing world.

“This is a major step forward as the Constitution also improves the participation of the churches in quality assurance  and monitoring and evaluation of these standards” said Mr. Ova.

National Department of Education Secretary, Uke Kombra, congratulated NCEC and thanked the Australian government for its continued support. He said the launch was important to mark progress of government and church education systems working better together. 

“Churches play a critical role in influencing society and have broad and deep reach into remote communities where government is not very present.”   

Speaking on behalf of the Church Leaders, Bishop Peter Baquero thanked the NCEC Board for their tireless efforts in the development of the Constitution and said it was a recommitment between two critical partners – the Churches and Government working together for the betterment of the country.

Australian High Commission Counsellor Geoff King reflected on the critical role PNG Churches play in the broader PNG-Australia partnership.

“The Australian Government is pleased to have supported this significant milestone in strengthening the partnership between churches and government through the Church Partnership Program.

“We share your confidence that the Constitution and policy will guide efforts to promote human development,” said Mr King.

Feature Pic: Partners from Churches, National Department of Education and the Australian High Commission display the constitution documents.

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