NYDA setting up Library for Youths


Library Services is a critical infrastructure for developing of young adults and for communities as a whole. It provides the intellectual building blocks for a society to be properly educated. It is to be used as a guide for decision-makers, policy makers, students, and stakeholders in the development of services.

Youths of today need adequate information that come with opportunities on mainstream so they can tap in. Information sharing will one way or the other help youths to shape their future to be better citizens. In this pursuit, the National Youth Development Authority (NYDA) is setting up a library unit to share critical information with all youth stakeholders.

Currently, the documents are in hard copies but will be digitalized soon for ease of transmission. All youth stakeholders are free to subscribe and get relevant information.

For youths in remote and rural areas, NYDA can go a step further by supplying other information or statutory documents they may require.

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